Beautiful Backup 2

Create easy accesible folders for your photos in seconds. Your memories deserve to be kept in a beautiful folder.

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Organise Photos

Superb Features

Just show where is all your digital media (photos, videos, audios or any other file). It will organise them with one-click and will help you keep them organised and clean all the time.

Deep Search

Find your photos, videos, audios inside your huge backup folders.

Custom Folder Naming

Name your folders using location address, taken date, camera info, file types

Duplicate File Finder

Eliminate duplicated files inside your huge backup folders


Resize photos to your desired resolutions


Rotate photos according to their correct orientation


Filter small sized photos, videos and audios to keep clean folder

Clean & Remember

The tool to clean multi-shot photos of the same moment

One-Click Change

Change folder structure with one-click


Create shrink version of your digital collection for cloud backups

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Clean & Remember

See Multi-Shoot Photos

Most of the time we take multi-shot photos of the same moments, to catch the best moment. However we need only one of them to keep, others just waste your disk space.

Clean Unnecessary Ones

This tool will help you clean them. It shows you the set of photos which are taken at the same moment. You can easily choose which one to keep and delete others.

Remembers What You Cleaned Before

It will remember your choices so you will not waste your time to clean same photos again in the future. If you try to import photos which is cleaned before, Beautiful Backup will detect them and not copy to your beautiful folder. So your folder will stay clean always.

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Photo Organiser

Organise Folders

Create folders using photo date, location, type and EXIF info.

Clean Duplicate Photos

Don't let duplicated files waste your disk space. Beautiful Backup find all duplicates and dont let them exist in your beautiful folder.

Cloud Friendly Archives

Create archive files which can be easily uploaded to cloud space.